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The First Event


Here I have been thinking it was Tuesday and then I realized it was Wednesday and I was supposed to write my blog entry yesterday. It is one of those weeks I guess!

Last weekend we held the first official The Fit Figure event. It was a part of our Rapid Run & Roll event being held in Rapid City, SD. The RRR is a very small event in itself so I wasn’t sure the turn out I would get for The Fit Figure. Needless to say there was no turn out. I had one person and she was part of the city who we were trying to raise some money for to buy equipment for the Young Athletes program. So really I didn’t have anyone sign up. I was bummed but it’s just another stepping-stone in the process. I ran a Facebook ad to help get the word out and I had little bit of interest. I also set up the booth at the event anyways and passed out a few flyers. It became clear that women still didn’t really know what The Fit Figure was. So it made me rethink my message and rework it to help with that.

In case you were still wondering too. The Fit Figure is:

A resource for women who are looking to become active for the first time or again.

Help us build a community of women with the goal to be fit, happy and healthy.

I’ll get there. One step at a time.

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