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Back to the Gym

For years I spent many a hour in a gym. I love to lift weights. I like that the results are clear. One day you can lift 20 pounds and the next day you can lift 25 pounds. Clear results. I haven’t lifted weights in a gym in years. I do plenty of lifting while at an event but there are gaps in between the events so I feel weak each time I arrive at one so I decided I needed to start lifting again. I used to belong to this super fancy gym that had everything. I am super picky about where I work out. All those years in state of the art gyms can do that to you.

When I started my business, those extra perks in life needed eliminating so I cut the gym membership, cable, massage membership, etc. It wasn’t until this summer that I was feeling like I wanted to lift weights again. I actually missed it. While in Rapid City I found Planet Fitness. It is a no frills, cheap gym that fit the budget and was also located in Arizona so I said why not.

I was excited to be able to go somewhere to work out again. The gym was clean, had a number of the machines I like to use and had a locker room with showers. I still like my fancy gym better but for the price I can’t complain too much. I get a little pickier because of my previous experiences. For example, some of the machines are too efficient. That means the pulley system works a little too well and I know I am not lifting 100 pounds when it says I am. I can just tell. My fancy gym had multiple brands of the same type of machine so you can choose which one works best for you. Planet Fitness has one type of one machine to choose from. Most of the machines they had two of so you didn’t really have to wait for someone to get off of it. That is always super annoying to me. If I am in the middle of a super set and I go back to the machine I was just on and some girl or guy gets on it for 10 min and mostly sits there. Just a little lingo for you – super set = doing more than one exercise back to back without any rest in between.

But like it always does, life gets in the way. I haven’t worked out in about three weeks now. We had back-to-back events and were helping out at our friend’s business before we left and then we took a couple extra days to drive home and there you have it. I’m heading out for a two-week event and I will no doubt feel weak again when I start but that’s my fault. I wasn’t diligent enough and quite honestly not motived enough to keep working out. The struggle is real. What keeps you motivated? What keeps you getting your workouts in every day? I usually try to tell myself that I will feel better if I go and do it but now it’s a whole another distraction – my business. I know each person has that. We just need to do it! No excuses!!!!

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